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Terra Sancta Aperitivo Botanical

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From wild and beautiful Central Otago, comes New Zealand’s first artisanal wine-based botanical Aperitivo. Made with a secret blend of 16 botanicals in a wine base, it engages all the senses. Vibrancy of colour, captivating perfume, intensity of flavour, a touch of spice and gentle bitterness combine to create an indelible imprint of a special place. “Aperitivo” stems from the Latin word Aperire meaning “to open”. Designed to be consumed at the start of either lunch or dinner as an Aperitivo, it will open you digestively and socially all whilst providing a portal - an opening - into our special part of the world - Terra Sancta in Bannockburn, Central Otago. Drink it how you like it - on the rocks, with soda, as a spritz - experimentation is encouraged!