Southern BBQ + Beers Large


For the LADS – in the South, it’s all about BBQ’s and Beers! 

This wonderful Summer box is all the men in your life need to enjoy the perfect Summer BBQ.

Please note: If due to unforeseen circumstances a product is unavailable, one of equal or greater value will replace it.  


  • Citta Design Apron | With extra generous adjustable waist and neck straps, and a deep front pocket, this linen apron makes for the perfect BBQing attire.
  • Anchor Mens Society Bottle Opener | This Cast iron Bottle opener, finished in an antique rustic brown and shaped like an Anchor, is the perfect gift for any beer lover. Surely it wouldn't be a BBQ without beer?!
    • Sunscreen | The harsh New Zealand sun means its so important for everyone to slip slop and slap! This sensitive sunscreen is SPF50+ an is safe for use on all skin types.
    • Lillies Q Smokey BBQ Sauce | The list of real ingredients in this delish sauce is so impressive that we have to share - it is all the explanation we need: ketchup, brown sugar, filtered water, cider vinegar, mustard, tomato paste, natural smoke flavor, apple juice, lime juice, garlic powder, salt, worcestershire, other natural spices. 
    • Mens Society Campfire Kit | The ultimate accessory for some outdoor fun - stocked with natural firelighters, matches, toasting marshmallows, wooden skewers and a firelighting manual. 
    • Frisbee | Because every BBQ and trip to the beach needs one - men always need something to do!
    • Citta Design Large Chilli Bag | To house all of these wonderful gifts along with all portable summer refreshments!
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