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Clear Quartz Raw Crystal

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Clear Quartz Crystals emit calming energy and work to heal one’s heart and mind. It promotes clarity of thought, helping you to focus on your dreams and desires.

A Crystal Generator is the perfect shape for enhancing the power of the crystal. The 6 equal faces which meet at a point, act as a powerhouse of energy to direct your focus. The symmetrical balance in Crystal Generators enable the healing properties of the Clear Quartz to be amplified more than with other crystals.

Enhance the properties of the crystal through meditation or place it any environment you wish to bring balance and amplify the crystals healing properties. Place it in your bedroom to keep a clear headspace as you sleep or in the bathroom to create a calm space and endorse relaxation. 

Please note that these crystals are natural specimens, and each is unique. Therefore, the size and shape may vary from the image shown

There is some variance in sizing though most range 10-15mm