Groomsmen Gifts Basket

Trying to figure out what you can gift your groomsmen?

Here at Taken Care Of, we know that groomsmen are a special breed of man. They deserve to be treated like kings just as much as the groom does. 

You can't buy them anything they don’t already have. But with our wide range of groomsmen gifts selection, you have enough options to make a perfect gifts basket. We’re confident that he will feel appreciated and a part of one amazing experience when the gift shows up on his doorstep.

You can even add a personal note on top, making every gift as unique as its recipient.

FAQs about Groomsmen Gifts Basket:

Are groomsmen gifts necessary?

Giving groomsmen gifts is a beautiful way to express your appreciation for their love and support on your big day. It's crucial that these people feel appreciated today and every day throughout all stages of life- even if this means giving them a unique personalised gift. They're there when it counts, and they deserve the world in return.

What are the best groomsmen gifts?

The best groomsmen gifts are always the ones that have a touch of personalisation. It's nice to find one-of-a-kind items because it will not only be special for the groomsmen, but it will also show the groom put time and care into selecting something for his friends. You can find wonderful pre-curated groomsmen gifts basket for every taste and budget at Taken Care Of.

How much should you spend on groomsmen gifts?

There are countless opinions on how much to spend on groomsmen gifts. There's no hard and fast rule related to this. It mainly depends upon your wedding budget and the number of groomsmen, but experts recommend spending 10-15% of what they spent to be at your wedding. So, we suggest you plan for about $30-$40 per groomsman. It might be best if you keep gifting uniform across the board. When in doubt, consider giving your groomsmen from our collection of hand-curated groomsmen gifts boxes.