Care Package

You'll be able to show your loved ones you care with the perfect Taken Care Of Care Package. It contains goodies designed for pampering and nourishing that are guaranteed to help bring a smile back on their face and brighten up their day just when they need it most.

Our care package collection is the perfect way to show someone they are surrounded by your caring thoughts, warmest wishes, and hopes for a complete recovery, just what the doctor ordered. 

Why not make your own self-care packages through our “Build-A-Box” section. If you require any assistance, call us on 0800 CURATE or email us at Our support team would assist you in any way possible. 

FAQs about Care Package:

What is usually in a care package?

Our signature care package comes filled with nourishing and pampering products, perfect for those feeling under the weather. It includes delicious treats such as chocolate, tea pairing honey, and pampering products like facemasks, hand wash, body scrub, bathrobe and more. What's more, you can create your personalised custom care packages through our "Build-A-Box" feature.

Why is it called a care package?

It's called a care package simply because the package contains pampering and nutritious products designed to provide an extra boost of energy, motivation and encouragement to the recipient. There is something special about receiving a package out of nowhere filled with nourishing food items like homemade treats or favourite snacks and pampering products like lotions, fragrant candles, anything that will make their day better.

What to include in a care package?

You could include anything the recipient enjoys, like treats, favourite books, decor items and pampering products. In case of any confusion, please check out our collection of care packages.