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Unique and Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021

The joyous holiday season is approaching when everything is just utterly beautiful, merry, and festive. Yes, we are talking about Christmas and the holidays. It’s the season for all things merry and bright and time to start thinking about what gifts you're going to buy. The joy of giving a thoughtful, personal gift to someone you care about is something that has been around for so long - it's practically timeless!

As we all know, choosing a thoughtful gift for our loved ones is the most challenging task during this time of year. You want your loved ones' Christmas morning experience to be as memorable as possible, so we've gathered some of our favourite Christmas gift ideas for 2021!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Taken Care Of's Christmas Gift Box.

Coming up with a gift idea for men has never been an easy task, especially when we want it to be thoughtful and unique. You can always count on few things, like gadgets, a nice pair of socks, his favourite snacks, skincare, and gift cards. However, to make it thoughtful, you have to work a little further and find out his likes, aesthetics and hobbies. 

Personalised gifts are a great way to make someone feel special. Personalisation makes your gifts more thoughtful and meaningful. You can add in handwritten notes, funky packaging or keep it classy with timeless wrapping paper.

Either he is your boyfriend, husband, father, son, grandfather, or friend, our pre-curated gift boxes can make your life easier this gifting season. They are hand-curated, keeping your needs in mind and packaged beautifully that they look like something straight out of a magazine.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

We must say dads are easy to deal with when it comes to gifts. Whatever you get for him, they will love it most of the time, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't put any effort into it. Observe his hobbies and things he is into these days, make a list of his likes and dislikes and then come up with a gift around it. 

Check out these hand-picked gift boxes that our editorial team have picked, which are perfect for giving to your father. Our Gratitude and The Nut Cracker gift boxes will make a great option. 

Likewise, we have a gift box for coffee lovers  Coffee Break and Black & Gold for someone who prefers a cozy scarf, gin, and chocolate. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Now here it gets tricky. You don't want the gift box for your boyfriend to look lousy and cheap, as well as a bunch of random things that don't make any sense to him. We recommend starting by making a list of things he loves. 

For instance, certain brands that he prefers, games, or anything new he is gravitating towards. Then see what fits in your budget and make it intimate by adding little things like photos of you two, initials, and handwritten notes.

Check out our Three Wise Men, You're the Man, Your Platter Matters, and Coffee & Cake pre-curated gift boxes that can make an excellent present for your men. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Christmas Gift Box from Taken Care Of.

We make selecting gifts for those incredible women in your life easy. Pampering is always appreciated, either it is because of an occasion or just out of love. And Christmas being one of the great times of the year, the present cannot be simple.

The best advice we can give you is to ask her what she needs and get her that. Easy right? But if you want to surprise her, then observe what she likes, the colours she prefers, and her aesthetic and build a gift box around it.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Moms are angels, for they love anything you get for her. But it doesn’t mean you can lag on your part. Surprise her with lovely gift baskets full of pampering products and things she loves. You can consider buying your mom skincare products, makeup kit, decor items, modern utensils, or if she is into pottery, gardening, or anything else, get a related gift.

Check out our Joy to the World, You've Got This, Flushed, Happy at Home, Relax & Recharge, and Morning Ritual gift boxes that make a perfect lux gift box for your mother.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Christmas gifts for your girlfriend should speak for your love, care and loyalty towards your girlfriend. Just getting her anything will not going to cut it. Girlfriends are very specific about things they want and are sure to let you know subtly. Notice her hints she is dropping about what she wants this holiday season. 

We have curated aesthetically pleasing lux gift boxes and hand-picked each gift item to make it easier for you. All you need to do is add a note saying how much you love her.

Here are our few pre-curated lavish gift boxes: Santa Baby, Tickle Me Pink, But First, Coffee/Pink, Blush Boss, Pink Gin, Lush Lavender, and Relaxing Rosé.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

You can get your kids the toys they were asking for. Or a merch from their favourite cartoon character. Chocolates, snacks, and cure stationery also make a good gift for kids. Here are a couple of our best selling gift boxes for kids, Little Bub/Girl and Little Bub/Boy.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

Friends are our second family. So, it’s essential that you let them know how much they mean to you this holiday season. Gift Boxes are the perfect way to show them that you appreciate them. Perfume, gift cards, assorted candies, sparkling drinks, game consoles, pair of socks, bathing items, etc., are some of the gift ideas to get for your friend this Christmas.

Take our word, these three Christmas gift boxes- Spirits Bright, Dreaming of a Pink Christmas, and You're a Mean One Mr Grinch are sure to make your friendship stronger than ever before. 

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

A set of stationery items, business merch or hard-drink gift boxes does make the gifting simple to your associates. However, it may lack appreciation and care. With our strategically planned meaningful, stylish, and cost-effective gift boxes, you can elevate your company's gifting game. 

Taken Care Of's Custom Corporate Gifting service is the best solution for all your Christmas gift needs. Check out our blog post "Thoughtful Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021" to find the inspiration for thoughtful corporate gift ideas this Christmas. 

Taken Care Of’s Christmas Gifts 2021 Collection

Christmas Gifts Box from Taken Care Of collection.

Christmas is coming, and you still have no idea what to get your loved ones?

You’ve come to the right place. We are here to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year. From our curated gift boxes, which include a variety of gifts that will suit any personality, to unique and thoughtful Christmas gift ideas, we have everything you need for the most wonderful time of the year.

Let us take care of your most significant responsibility by choosing a thoughtful gift to show your loved ones how much you love them.

Browse through our website now and see all of our fantastic products before it's too late. With so many options available, there is something for everyone on your list this holiday season. And don't forget about shipping - we offer free standard shipping on every purchase above $200!

Check out our Christmas gifts box 2021 today. 


We hope this blog was helpful to you in any possible way and helped you find perfect Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones. 

We love being part of this marvellous gift-giving process and curating it. With that being said, you can curate the perfect gift box here

Feel free to contact us for any gift related concerns. We are here for you for all your gifting needs and make this Christmas the best one.

Merry Christmas!

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