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Thoughtful Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022

It's the time of the year around the corner. And you know we are talking about Christmas. As the holiday season draws close, we are all sorting out our most important social obligation, and that is Christmas Gifts. In the case you are a business owner, with everything else on the plate, it's time to start thinking about how you might surprise your employees, business partners, suppliers, executive colleagues, and clients with this year's most fabulous corporate Christmas gift ideas. 

We are here to help you with 11 evergreen and practical corporate Christmas gift ideas for 2022. Here's a quick look at the list.

  1. Succulents
  2. Custom Calendar
  3. Custom Coffee mug
  4. Pens and Notebooks
  5. Water bottle/ Tumbler
  6. Scented Candles
  7. Customised Face Masks
  8. Custom Apparels
  9. Destressing Office Desk Toys
  10. Crocs and Socks
  11. Scarves

Keep reading, and you will know how these items in the list make thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Corporates in 2022. We say because we know. We know because we care.


The meanings and symbolism of these tiny, beautiful plants are incredible. Succulents, in particular, provide a pleasant feel to your space while also cleansing it. Furthermore, while succulents do not require special care, the receiver will appreciate getting a plant for a gift that will grow healthier with less attention.

The cactus, for example, is associated with Native American Indians as a symbol of perseverance and protection. There's a belief that the cactus brings good luck and wealth to its owners. Succulents like crassula provide good luck and protect the owner from evils and negative energy in Feng Shui. Succulent signifies tenacity, perseverance, and protection. 

What a lovely and thoughtful gift for Christmas, isn't it?

Custom Calendar

Calendars are excellent corporate gifts. You may think they aren't typically "thoughtful" gifts. Fortunately, adding your content - such as art, words, or pictures - may transform an otherwise ordinary thing into a meaningful and one-of-a-kind present.

Photo calendars are a great way to give the gift of time while also providing a personalised, unique gift idea. Instead of a framed photo, make a one-of-a-kind calendar with your favourite pictures and use them as a monthly planner or calendar poster this year. Choose a unique calendar gift with a twist, or display a favourite photo for each month on your calendars.

Custom made coffee mug

Anybody may appreciate a cup.

One of the best reasons to offer mugs as presents is their versatility. Almost everyone would be delighted to get a cup since it is pretty handy and has regular use at work or home for hot beverages. Employees will like having a business mug to keep at home.

A mug is a large enough object to leave an impact on the receiver, demonstrating that you care and are thinking about them. Ordering personalised cups for your firm, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive, and they aren't too costly or advertising. They'll communicate the exact message you want to express, making them thoughtful Corporate Christmas gifts. 

Check out these awesome gift boxes "Dreaming of a Pink Christmas", "You've Got This", "But, First Coffee", and "Just the Two of Us", containing custom coffee mugs. 

Pen and Notebook

Pen and notebooks have come a long way from being just a gift. They are timeless, thoughtful and practical all the way. Ballpens have a neutrality about them that make them fit for anyone of any age.

The personalisation, the purposeful effort put into selecting the perfect pen, and the fact that they may be made of several materials (plastic, wood, 24kt gold, etc.) all contribute to them satisfying the high standards of good gift-giving.

In the same way, notebooks can be personalised and customised either as promotional gifts or thoughtful gifts on behalf of the company. A Christmas-themed notebook with the company's year-round memories would be a nice gesture in the middle of the pages. 

Give the gift a little more personal touch, engraving the receiver's name on the pen and notebook. 

Stunning gift boxes "Werk From Home", "To Do or Not To", and "Just Peachy" awaits you with luxury pens, notepads available for purchase. 

Check them out!

Water Bottle/ Tumbler

Water bottles and tumblers are popular and have been on the list of gifts for a long while. They may not be as unique as once thought, but they are always thoughtful. Staying hydrated is essential for everyone, young and old, sports fans and couch potatoes alike. Because people who carry a reusable water bottle are more likely to drink more water, your thoughtful present can assist your loved one in leading a healthier lifestyle. Filling a reusable water bottle saves the receiver money as well! Ideal for chilly morning commutes, summer picnics, sporting events, travel, school, and various other activities. Personalised and insulated water bottles are suitable for any occasion.

Water bottles that are personalised and insulated are stylish. There are four sizes to choose from and a wide variety of colours, designs, and patterns. To make your gift more personal, engrave a name or message on the bottle.

Scented Candles

What a wonderful gift that says give your eyes (and your brain) vacation from the glare of screens by enjoying some wonderful candlelight in a world that they increasingly invade. A well-balanced, fragrant candle may lift your spirits by bringing back happy memories or instilling a sense of peace in your thoughts. The candle vessel, at its finest, will create a feeling of beauty, whether it is essential and clean, contemporary, quirky, unique, or ornate. A good scented candle with a good smell can help reduce anxiety, promote wellness, and in the case of lavender in particular, even help with the pain. 

And when we talk about Christmas, there's never too many candles!

A personalised gift box of your favourite scented candles awaits you with "Lovely Lemon", "Hamptons En Suite", "You're a Mean One Mr Grinch", and more! These hand-curated boxes are perfect for those moments of well-deserved relaxation. 

Customised face mask

Who knew masks would ever become a trendy, fashionable and necessary thing in 2022? And this Christmas, the mask even made it into the list of gifts. Christmas themed face masks with quotes and company logos could be a pretty straightforward gift. You can couple it with a matching cap: simple, thoughtful and a good gesture. 

This holiday season, give the gift of stress relief with these awesomely-designed gift boxes, "You've Got This", "Take Care", "Lush Lavender", "Relax & Recharge", laden with face masks, eye pillows, body scrubs, chocolate bars and more!


Crocs are now everywhere, and not only are they trendy, but they are also everyone's favourite. Cute and customised crocs are winning the internet. This sustainable brand is not only eco-friendly; they are unique and comfortably long-lasting. They are stylish, and they boast durability and reliability, making them worth every penny. Getting Crocs for Christmas would be an absolute joy. Pair them with Christmas Shocks, and nothing else can beat them for surprising corporate gifts.

Custom Apparels

Customised T-shirts as a gift have been in practice for a long time now. Hoodies and sweatshirts are still chosen widely as Christmas gifts. You can customise them for your receivers. They are affordable when ordered in bulk. Everyone would love new clothes during Xmas. 

Destressing Desk Toys

The company needs to keep the extra measure during the holiday season to maintain employees' productivity. While it is challenging to keep the distraction in control, it is also important to note that work stress is a severe hazard. To show that you care and have their best interest in mind, give thea set of de-stressing desk toys. There are varieties of toys and tools available in the market claiming to help cope with the stress during work. These are good and unique business gifts. While the fidgeter once was trending worldwide, slime was a DIY destresser at home during a pandemic. 

If you need to gift a new mother this holiday season, consider Taken Care Of's "Mum to be", "Little Bub Girl", "Mum to Be (Gender Neutral)" gift boxes filled with wonderful toys.

Find the best one that resonates with your receiver and helps your company establish thoughtful ways to check employees' mental health. 


Christmas is exciting; winter is freezing. Scarves are comforting. This kind, thoughtful and practical item has been on the gift list forever, and it never goes out of style. Nobody ever says "too many scarves". A warm scarf for a gift is always appreciated. You can get unisex scarves for your employees, clients, suppliers or partners to show that you are grateful for their professional efforts and support.

Aren't the items on the list helping you with your corporate gifting dilemmas

Taken Care Of offers custom corporate gifting no matter the scale, whether you need 10 or 10000 gift boxes. With our custom designs and simplified process, we'll take care of everything, so your time is free for what matters: growing your business.

From expertly printed cards loaded with personal messages and handpicked things to exceptionally marked bundling alternatives – we accomplish the work for you while remembering your spending plan and individual inclinations when planning custom corporate gift boxes

It's our central goal to give you a calm and agreeable experience where you don't have to make the slightest effort.

Read our blog post "Benefits of Early Christmas Shopping for Corporate Gifts" to determine what you need before it's too late. The benefits of early Christmas shopping for corporate gifts are too good to miss out on!

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