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The Ultimate Gift Guide on Buying Gifts Online

Do you hate crowds and long lines at the mall? 

If so, buying gifts online may be the perfect solution for you. Most people agree that it can be a daunting task when buying gift boxes. You want to get something your loved one will love, but you also don't want to spend too much money.

Add in the fact that you might not know what they like, and buying gifts online can seem even more challenging. But with a little bit of know-how, you can easily pick out the perfect gift without leaving your house.

This gift guide will teach you everything you need to know about buying gifts online, so keep reading!

But before we jump straight to gift guides, we should have a quick look at how online gift shopping has taken over traditional shopping.

Traditional Gift Shopping VS Online Gift Shopping

A empty cart in a parking lot.


In contrast to conventional shopping, which involves going to a store and making purchases in person, online shopping consists in placing an order for products and services online.


Online purchasing is frequently more convenient than traditional shopping because there are no geographic limits. Customers may shop anytime and from any location.

Visual and tactile product experience

Unlike in traditional retail, where customers can see and feel the merchandise, they purchase before committing to a purchase, customers who shop online cannot do so before making a purchase. In some cases, the inventory they order may be completely different from what they saw in the advertisement.


Traditional purchasing is more secure because of the possibility of internet fraud and security risks such as hacking.

Comparing costs and finding the best deals is more effortless when shopping online than in person.

Product Returns

It's possible that returning anything purchased online may be difficult, but doing it in a physical store is much simpler.


Internet shopping does not allow face-to-face interaction with other consumers or store staff compared to conventional shopping.

As you may shop at any time of day or night from your own home, internet shopping is more convenient than conventional gifts shopping because you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

The Rules of Gifting

A person giving a gift box

Gifting is about showing appreciation to people in your life. But like all human relationships, there are rules you need to know when gifting someone something. You do not want to ruin the relationship because of a wrong gift.

Here are the three essential rules for gifting that you must know:


You want your gift to be helpful for the person you are buying a gift for. You don't want to give them anything that they won't use. As a result, determine what they require and provide it. Check to see if the gift can be used again.


The second most important rule to keep in mind is that gift should always be a surprise. A welcoming one!. The most acceptable approach to giving someone a present is to surprise them. Present it to them a day ahead of time, for example. Even on prominent gifting occasions, plan the gifting moment in a way to surprise them. 


Gifts should be of better quality. Even if you usually don't buy expensive things, if getting quality items for gifts is costly, you might have to consider it. Your gift must be valuable and last long for the best gift-giving and receiving experience.

Why Buying Gifts Online Is The Best Option?

It's easier to shop online. You don't have to go out of the comfort of your home to get a gift for someone.

There is no more need to run from one shop to another. Just find that perfect gift you had in mind days before the big day. Sit behind your computer or laptop and browse websites that offer different types of goods available on sale.

You have plenty of time to assess your options and compare prices and quality before you jump to the final stage of buying some item.

You can also find many buyers' reviews that talk about the pros and cons of every gift available online. Also, there are numerous websites offering price comparisons, so even if you are shopping from one site only, it will be easy for you to assess whether you are getting the best deal or not.

The benefits of buying gifts online

Two mannequin figures with discount offers pasted on a window.

Did you know that 40% of online shoppers said they would be more likely to buy gifts online than in-store? We'll tell you why.

Saving time

If you live far away from these people, the stress only builds up when you realise that it is nearly impossible to make it in time before the last shipment leaves at your local store!

Instead, utilise websites like Amazon by purchasing something thoughtful for them online while saving yourself the hassle of travelling.

Say goodbye to crowds.

Going out to buy gifts physically has its challenges for crowded malls or events. This can be overwhelming, especially during this holiday season where everyone's online buying presents too! Instead, sit back in your leather chair by the fireplace with a cup of cocoa in one hand and a laptop while effortlessly purchasing gifts from home, all without feeling rushed or panicked.

Open up to the world.

Most of us don't want to be confined in our little corners when buying gifts. What about that special someone who lives across the globe? Websites like Amazon open up your options when you think about gifting someone on the other side of the planet! Not only is this convenient but also thoughtful.

Save money

We've all been there before, visiting stores during their black Friday sale only to find out the item we so severely wanted has run out of stock while feeling heartbroken at having spent some money on gas/parking fees. Instead, save yourself from unnecessary spending while easing your desires by picking things up online with ease and some great deals!

Save hassle

Buying gifts for people is already a struggle, but adding crowds, long lines/checkouts, gas costs, parking costs, and physical going out make it even more difficult. So why not lessen your troubles by going online while relaxing in your own home?


What if you didn't have a choice due to availability? If there's a much better deal for something you want, it's at another store, but unfortunately, they don't carry that product. Instead, sitting relaxed in your own home with one click of a button, order those hard-to-find gifts from anywhere!

How to Find the Right Gift Online?

Gifts shopping online for someone might be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with the Internet and don't buy goods routinely online. So here are some shopping for gift ideas.

You should have a general notion of what you want before you begin your search.

There are several gift websites to choose from, so it's simple to become disoriented and overspend your budget. So before you begin your search, try to have at least a general notion of what you're looking for and how much is your budget.

Take a step outside of the norm.

Don't limit yourself to the web versions of your favourite high street retailers when you shop online since you'll discover a plethora of unique gift possibilities. Instead of buying a traditional present, consider an unforgettable experience as an alternative.

Select a gift that they may not otherwise purchase for themselves.

As if you weren't purchasing a gift online, the same restrictions apply: This involves picking out something that the recipient would never do for themselves, such as splurging on a sex toy. That is to say, go all out and treat them!

Be on the lookout for deals and promotions.

It's faster and more convenient to compare products and prices online than to drive from store to store. You can get a better deal elsewhere, or at least better shipping alternatives if you shop around after you've decided on your present.

For a change of pace, try visiting some new websites.

There are new and intriguing things being offered by new websites. It's nice to find modern gift sites with excellent new gift ideas.

Online shopping tips for men, women, kids, friends & family members at any age range from toddlers to seniors - including grandparents!

So you are looking for a gift but have no clue what to buy?

It's not easy to shop for certain people, especially if you aren't close with them. So here are some excellent tips and suggestions for shopping online for gifts.

Know their tastes.

If you don't know what they like, you will not get the best gift! Even if they have a particular interest or hobby, they may still have a specific sense of style. So what is their favourite colour? Do they prefer classic styles over trendier ones?

If there is a specific type of clothing that will always look good on them, find out if it matches what they already have. If not, great! You can give something that fits with other things in their wardrobe.

How much do I want to spend?

Before shopping for your loved one, it's essential to set a spending limit first.

This way, you won't be disappointed when letting them know the price range of their gift. However, don't set it too low or else you can't get them something good.

Can I give an experience?

What do people love more than material items? Experiences.

Experiences are something that money cannot buy - yet everyone loves when someone gives them tickets for a show bookings at a luxury hotel or a nice dinner. It's something that they can remember forever and will put a smile on their face when opening your gift.

Pay attention to the season.

What is the weather going to be like? Is it going to be sunny or covered in snow? When summer or spring comes, everyone makes sure they have a new wardrobe to fit the occasion.

You should consider this if you want to get someone's clothes!

What is their personality like?

Personality goes a long way - whether someone prefers practical gifts over extravagant ones or finds something funny more valuable than something romantic.

If you want to get your husband an anniversary gift, think about what makes him laugh the most. For example, you can gift him some novelty slippers or a tacky tie which makes fun of how he dresses up for work every day.

As long as it's meant with good intentions and not to offend!

Are they specific about certain things?

Some people can be challenging to shop for - even if you know what they want.

If the person is picky or very particular about specific items, it can get hard to find them a gift. One way to solve this problem is by simply asking the person (if you're comfortable doing so). Then, find out their preferences and see how difficult it would be trying to buy them something that matches their standards!

It's worst that your loved one takes something you bought simply because they felt obliged to do so.

Do they love trying new things?

If your gift recipient likes trying out new things, this would be the perfect time to get them gifts that give them a unique experience.

What does my loved one already have?

This is probably another overlooked common sense when buying gifts for people.

Imagine, if your dad already has a pair of slippers he loves wearing around the house, getting him another one doesn't make much sense, right? The same thing applies to shopping for gifts online- even if you know that they want something or are looking into purchasing something for them, double-check before spending money on it!

What does my loved one wear often?

Some people spend a lot of time picking out their clothing for the day, while others simply throw on whatever's clean and call it a day.

For example, if they love wearing cardigans but don't have any made from cashmere - get them one! So don't just choose something impractical, though! Make sure you consider what makes this person happy when picking out their gift material.

What does my loved one not own?

This goes without saying that everyone has at least one item that they don't like using or would rather not have.

If you see an opportunity to get your loved one something they can't say no to, be sure to take it up! Just make particular the item is practical and not necessarily fashionable, which could quickly go out of style.

Is there anything that would complete an outfit nicely?

This method may give people a 'gift card' vibe, but if done right, this works perfectly well as long as you know what your loved one likes wearing!

Don't just limit yourself to clothes either - shoes, bags and other accessories always come in handy when looking for the perfect gift!

Does your loved one have a hobby?

People with interests usually love expressing themselves with the hobby and sometimes even get called 'weird' or 'nerdy' by some people.

For example, if your friend loves playing tennis or any form of sports but has trouble finding activewear that looks stylish enough, it helps them out and flaunts their interests while keeping comfortable.

What to Consider When Shopping for Gifts Online?

A person using a laptop and credit card to purchase online.

There are plenty of gift items one can find from the net, especially if you have a personal favourite. However, deciding what to buy can still be a challenge; you would not want to give your friends or family something they will never use. 

That is why it is always best to consider the following factors first before shopping for gifts online:

Who is the gift for?

Make sure what you are buying is suitable for the person you want to give it to.

If you're looking for inspiration and suggestions, take a look at our selection of Mothers Day Gifts.

Type of gift

There are different types of gifts depending on who they are intended for and what occasion they are given. Generally speaking, though, there are three major categories: material items (e.g., clothes, electronic gadgets), experiences (i.e., spa or vacation packages) and events (concert tickets or restaurant vouchers).

How much money is involved?

You do not want to get something that costs more than you can afford. If it's a gift for an acquaintance, try searching for discounts and finding out whether they sell second-hand items; if it's a birthday present for your son or daughter, make sure you have saved up in advance. There won't be a hassle in demanding from them once they already have their own family.

Do some research

To make things easier, make sure you do your research. Check the background on different shops before deciding which one to buy. It's usually best to avoid shopping around the net because of the risk of getting scammed, especially if you do not know which website or store has a better reputation in terms of quality and service.

Choose the Gift Receipt option

Remember that all online purchases come with a receipt. For example, if you're sending someone a present, include a gift receipt instead of a conventional receipt with costs to avoid confusion.

Invest in Gift Wrapping Services

At checkout, some shops include a gift-wrapping option. It may cost you a little more money, but the presentation is worth it. If this is not a possibility, inform the kid's parent or guardian that your gift will arrive unwrapped so they can deliver it to the youngster themselves if they so want.

Notes on Gift Cards Make Them More Personal.

E-gift cards for a favourite shop or restaurant are a convenient option, but they may appear impersonal. Include a letter with your purchase to let them know why you chose it as a gift. Send them a separate email or card to make your present more personal if this isn't a possibility.

Keep perishables in mind when sending them.

Remember that the time it takes to get a perishable item to its destination will eat away at its shelf life. As long as you order food from a merchant or restaurant, they should be able to wrap it in ice if necessary, but you should avoid shipping anything that must be refrigerated on your own.

Avoid generic gifts

Generic gifts are not creative, thoughtful or personal at all. You can go wrong with generic skills, especially if you don't know what the person likes or just loves.

It doesn't matter if the gift cost you the same amount as what you spent on their last birthday. What matters is how creative it is. So don't make this mistake because giving a bland present could cost your relationship with someone significant to you.

Know what money can buy and what it can't

Money itself should NEVER be given as a gift to anyone without putting another effort into it.

Sometimes, you can't find the perfect gift for specific people, and giving them cold cash could make things easier, but don't let this be a habit.

Any person would appreciate a nicely wrapped price tag than just getting money because that's what they will see as an indication that you've given up on trying to get her something nice and thought of something at the last minute.

Triple check your facts

You must check all the item's facts before shopping for someone, especially if this person holds an extraordinary place in your heart or life.

If they love books, don't give them cookbooks as a gift. As much as possible, do your homework and learn things from those around you when deciding what you will be gifting.

Keep an eye on the delivery dates.

Shopping for gifts online on some occasions is expected to cause more shipment delays than usual. 

Send your presents early to minimise disappointment. Before placing a purchase, check the retailer's website to see if it lists any deadlines for occasions delivery.

Top Tips For Avoiding Scams And Getting The Best Deals When Shopping Online

Verify if the website is real.

Check the legitimacy of any online shopping platform before making a purchase. The "https://" part of the URL must be present for security reasons. Signs such as "https://" indicate that a website is secure.

You can tell a website is a hoax by its appearance. These bogus websites will have terrible design and no way to contact you, including phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they have a clear return policy.

Take a look at the consumer feedback.

Check out user reviews if you're purchasing online for the first time. Avoid buying from a website with a lot of negative feedback.

Keep an eye out for bogus bargains.

Fake websites frequently advertise bargains that are simply too good to be true. All of this is being done with the express purpose of luring new clients in the door. But in the end, they wind up selling counterfeit goods or failing to deliver the goods even after receiving money.

Check out the company's return and shipping policies.

Before buying something online, read the return and delivery policies beforehand. Inquire as to whether or not a product is returnable or non-returnable.

You can read more rules of buying online to avoid scams and other hassles here.

Tips for avoiding shipping delays and problems with online orders

  • Read the shipping policy to see if they ship internationally, if there are any other problems during shipping, and how they will be handled.
  • Purchasing from reputable companies will help avoid shipping delay issues with your orders.
  • Look for complaints and reviews of the company you are trying to buy from.
  • Don't deal with sellers who have many online complaints or problems.
  • When you purchase online, you'll have to provide personal information like your credit card number. Because of this, you cannot take any risks. Make sure the website you're purchasing from is reputable. Checking other purchasers' reviews is a straightforward approach to verify.

What To Buy vs. What Not To Buy Online?

There are rules for gift-giving, and when you buy gifts online, there are a few extra things to keep in mind: what to buy and what not to buy.

What gifts to buy online?


Something useful and practical

You don't want to offer a gift that will languish in a closet for a long time. There's no point in having anything if it's only suitable for one usage.

Good quality and long-lasting

Sure, people can use a good gift, but it won't break if it's good quality. Purchase something they wouldn't buy on their own since it is a little abundant but not outrageously priced.

Matching the occasion

Housewarming parties, promotion parties, goodbye parties, mother's day and other occasions require you to be extra considerate so that your present conveys good wishes such as fortune and prosperity. As a result, make intelligent decisions that will best suit the objective.

What gifts should I not buy online?


Buying clothes for someone else might be difficult due to differences in body type and personal taste. Don't buy anything unless you've seen it in person first. It's impossible to tell how the cloth feels, how much care it requires, or how well it was made by looking at an internet snapshot.

A living thing

Consider your options before purchasing a pet or other living item from an internet retailer. Shipment techniques can be unsafe or cruel, and the thing will have to be transported. If you're going to buy a pet for someone as a present, do it at a store.

Only get a pet for someone if you know they want one and can take care of it.

The best prices you'll find on name-brand products anywhere.

High-end items are great, but you should be sceptical if the price appears too good to be true. Brand-name products sold for dirt-cheap prices on the Internet are sometimes obtained from dubious sources or are knockoffs.

Items that can't be returned.

If the one you bought the gift for doesn't like it as much as you had hoped, it is good to provide a return address on the packing slip.

When you can't check that the thing you're purchasing is what you expected, online purchases are highly critical in this regard. Legal action for deceptive advertising may be possible, but returning the item and receiving a refund will be more straightforward.


Buying gifts can be challenging for people, especially when you don't know them very well.

But with a little bit of research and careful planning, you can easily find the perfect gift – even if they live far away.

We hope our Ultimate Gift Guide has given you some ideas about where to start. Happy shopping!

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