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How do you put together a care package?

The name speaks for itself, "care package", a care package should show your genuine interest and care in the recipient. Whether you are creating a missing you care package, uni care package, care package for your friend, loved ones, or a care package for someone unwell, building a thoughtful and relevant gift box is crucial. 

Moreover, in this new age of quarantine, managed isolation and social distancing, those close to us need more love and connection than ever before. A care package is one of the best ways to show your love and make them feel connected wherever they are, even if they're in a room next to you, down the block, or in a different city or country.


    What to put in a care package?

    Taken Care Of's Care Package Gift Box

    Making a care package is easier said than done. The care package needs special attention as per the occasion, time of the year, and the recipient. The more thorough you will be with the likes and needs of the recipient while creating a care package, the more successful the care package will be.

    Before filling up the care package with goodies, you have to understand how to maintain the balance between love, care, and practical items in the care package. 

    Depending upon the recipients tastes, you can add sweets, skincare products,  gift cards, cozy socks, mugs, practical items like hand sanitiser, and small fun gifts in the care box. The options are endless. 

    If you cannot make a care package by yourself, then feel free to buy it. Many professionals specialise in creating care packages, including us, Taken Care Of

    A few things to think about if building a care package yourself:

    • The budget: It is essential to set the budget for the care package. You will be on track, and choosing goodies to add to the box will be less overwhelming. 
    • Shipping costs: Whether you are hand-delivering the care package or using a logistic company to help you deliver may add up to the total budget. If you are shipping overseas, then it might also get expensive. Plus, you also have to make sure how the logistics company handles the package and their delivery time.
    • Be aware of the country's regulations and legal restrictions. There can be some items that you may or may not send from one country to another.
    • Use padding and other packing materials to protect the items.

    What to put in a care package for a friend?

    While making a care package for your friend, question yourself what would uplift their mood and help them cope with their situation. The best thing about friends is, you can touch on funny moments together while still caring for them at the same time.

    You can make the care package funny and adorable. Make your friends feel touched by adding little things personal to them. 

    Build the box, including their favourite books/magazines, snacks, homemade treats, gift cards, chocolates, skincare, makeup, pictures, and stationery items.

    Check out these care packages Mindful Moment, Blush Boss and Winters Night.

    This blog gives further information on creating creative care packages for your loved ones.

    What to put in a care package for a girlfriend?

    Taken Care Of's Care Package for Girlfriend

    Before selecting things for a care package for your girlfriend, think about her favourite and not so favourite things. Make a note of her hobbies and things that she loves. It can be anything from her favourite chocolates or skincare to the things she likes to do and brands she loves. 

    Ensure to match the products and theme of the care box as per her taste, favourite colours, and aesthetic. It doesn't have to be extravagant (you can if you want). Keep it simple yet meaningful, that's the key. 

    Coconut Ice, Blush Boss, Pink Gin, and Causing Calm are some of our popular care packages for her. 

    Check out our "Gift Ideas For Women (The Ultimate Buying Guide)" to learn everything you need to know about buying gifts for women.

    Things you can add to the care package of your girlfriend:

    • Add handwritten notes or a love letter on beautiful paper and spray with your perfume or cologne, pictures of you two together, and prints of messages or letters you have exchanged and tie with a ribbon.
    • If your girlfriend likes taking long baths to relax, create a pamper basket by giving luxury bath items. Include massage oils, essential oils, bath bombs, bath pillow, eye mask, a bottle of wine, her favourite scented candles, face masks, gourmet chocolates, gift cards, a book they will love and more. 
    • You can add assorted coffee/tea as per her liking, cozy socks, hot chocolate mix, stress ball, snacks, etc.
    • Get skincare items (sunscreens, serums, face masks, lip balm, moisturiser) from brands she loves.

    What to put in a care package for a boyfriend?

    A care package for your boyfriend is a great way to show that you care about him and he is on your mind even if he is not there with you. However, let's admit shopping for boys is as tricky as for girls. 

    You have to put careful thought while selecting things for the care package of your boyfriend. It's the same drill; look out for his favourite snacks, candies, activities, drinks, and brands. See what colours he prefers, his aesthetic.

    You can take it a step further and break the stereotype (giving the same boring things in a boring way just because he is a guy) by adding cute little things. Trust us; they’ll love it. 

    Check out our Man Eater, Winters Night, and Causing Calm care packages. These care packages make a great gifting option for your men.

    Things you can add to the care package of your boyfriend:

    • Get your boyfriend some underrated grooming supplies such as lux moisturiser and serums to treat their skin. Let them also enjoy the feeling of smooth and supple skin that we get after using face masks. 
    • Add hot chocolate, assorted candies, protein bars, snacks, coffee mugs, a love letter, and cookies.
    • Gift them wallet, cologne, gift cards of their favourite games, pocket knives, and cozy socks.

    Covid Quarantine Care Package?

    Taken Care Of's Care Package Gift Hamper

    Quarantine blues are the worst. Celebrating love in times of global pandemic is not a simple task.

    If someone you know is in quarantine for Covid-19, then send them a care package. Let them know they are still in your mind, and you are with them in this challenging time.

    Covid Quarantine Care Package shows that your loved one is not alone and will help them fight against it. It will uplift their spirit and make them happy. Our Mindful Moment and Pink Gin are perfect care packages for your loved ones in quarantine or someone who got out of quarantine.

    What’s inside the box is important, but the fact that you took the time to create it counts the most.

    Now let's talk about what you can add to the Covid-19 quarantine care package. Below are the lists of a few things that you can add to the covid care package.

    • Multivitamins
    • Face Masks
    • Gift Cards
    • Comforting goodies like socks, gloves, lip balm, moisturiser
    • Books
    • Games
    • Snacks, nuts, cereals, and Chocolates
    • Letter and Photos of you guys together
    • Self baked cookies/food
    • Their favourite drinks

    Personalise The Care Package

    Personalisation adds more value and care to the gift box. You can use different sorts of themes as per their liking to make the care packages for the receiver. 

    Make one of those trendy boxes with lots of photos and chocolates, or go extravagant with lavish and chic goodies. 

    The more care you put into building the box, the more it will reflect your effort to the recipient. 

    Build a personalised care package with us as per your choice here.

    Read this blog to know more about things you can put into a care package.


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