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How to gift wrap a box?

Wrapping a gift can be tricky. Depending on your attitude towards wrapping, it can become a simple and fun part of gifting or just another bothersome task that comes with giving a present. We're here to make wrapping a gift box easy for you with our precisely explained steps in this blog. 

How to wrap a gift box creatively?

There are many things you can do to wrap your gift box creatively and beautifully. Choose the aesthetic of the wrapping paper and bow as per the liking of the recipient. You can add initials on the wrapping paper that reflect you and the recipient.

How to decorate a gift box with a ribbon?

To simplify the wrapping gift box process, we have come up with the following steps, but before that, make sure you are ready to wrap the gift and have all the supplies. Remove the price tag. 

Gift wrapping ribbon techniques

You will need scissors and your favourite fabric ribbon. We always opt for a classic grosgrain however you can choose any fabric to suit your taste. 

Classic Bowtie Style


Before cutting your ribbon, measure the length you will need by wrapping the ribbon both widthways and lengthways around your box or gift leaving about an extra 10cm to tie your bow. 

With our personalised gift boxes we tie our bow to the side to showcase our logo but you can tie this in the middle if you prefer. From here you first want to take you ribbon lengthways down your gift on the side you wish to be the front (this is important as it will create the positioning of your bow the correct way later). 

From here, on the reverse of your gift cross the ribbon over at the back and bring it to the front of your gift widthways. 

Double check you have the same amount of ribbon length on either side of where excess left over

Cross your ribbon like you are tying the first part of a shoe lace, next you want to ensure everything is as flat as possible while you take the right side ribbon over to the left and fold it in half over itself. From here you take the left side ribbon over top of the folded side in the centre (where the cross is). Keep both pieces super flat and don't twist them as this is how you keep the bow looking like bowtie style. Lastly push this through the gap and pull gently to the right, making adjustments as necessary to keep the ribbon flat. 

We know it can be a little confusing to read so we have attached a handy video below to help! 



Classic Ribbon Bow

 To make a classic ribbon bow, you have to cut the ribbon six times the width of your gift. Keep the box face down on the middle of the ribbon and wrap ribbons around the box. Do it perpendicularly too. 

Pull the ribbon tight and flip the gift box and tie a knot on the centre. Create two bunny ear loops and cross the left loop over the top right loop. Then pull tightly the left loop through the hole underneath the loops.

How do you wrap a gift box perfectly?

To master the art of wrapping the perfect gift box, you need to practice over and over again following the correct method. You can lay down a layer of tissue paper inside the box before wrapping it to give a clean and pretty appearance.

Professional gift wrapping techniques

Taken Care Of Gifting Studio in Auckland

Step 1: Clean the area where you are going to wrap the present and have enough room to work with.

Step 2: Measure the top and bottom of the gift box with wrapping paper. Put the present at one corner of the paper and roll the present four times until the top is facing up again. Mark the wrapping paper an inch further. Likewise, mark an inch further at the sides of the wrapping paper by tilting the present onto its side.

Step 3: Cut the wrapping paper and wrap the top & bottom of the present. Place the gift on the centre and fold one end of the paper over the present and tape it. Then gather another side of the paper and fold inward for 1/2 inch for a smooth edge before tapping it.

Step 4: Similarly, fold the sides of the present. Make two triangles and tape them down. If there is too much paper, you can trim to give straight edges. Make sure the fold is tight and secured nicely.

Step 5: Finish off with ribbon and name tag

How to wrap a gift box with a lid?

Blue and pink gift boxes Taken Care Of

Follow the following steps to wrap a gift box with a lid.

Step 1: Lay the lid on the paper and cut the paper leaving an inch extra to fold over the top. 

Step 2: Fold the long sides up and over the lid. With the help of tape, attach the paper inside the edge of the lid on both sides. 

Step 3: Take the end sections and fold just like wrapping a regular gift box.

Step 4: Tape the first folds to the inside lip of the lid. Tuck and fold the paper and tape it. Continue to fold and wrap on all sides.

Step 5: When finished folding the end, wrap it over the lid edge and secure it with tape.

How to wrap a rectangular gift?

Even if your gift is in some odd shape, you can get a rectangular or a square box to pack.

Follow the below steps to wrap a rectangular box:

Step 1: Cut Wrapping Paper

Put the gift box over the gift wrap in one corner and flip it once. Then cut the paper along the side, leaving a few inches extra.

Step 2: Fold Over

Now put the box at one of the pieces of paper and fold the remaining paper over the gift box. Tape it with double-sided tape and crease paper along the box's edge with the thumb.

Step 3: Join Ends

Unroll paper to meet the end of the wrapped paper and cut, leaving an inch of overhang. Now fold that inch under, crease along the fold, and tape it down.

Step 4: Close Open Ends

Fold the sides of the paper inwards to create 45-degree angle flaps and creases along with the flaps.

Step 5: Fold Down

Fold down the flap and crease along the top of the box, and repeat where the paper meets the bottom edge of the box. Cut the paper along the bottom crease and tape it.

Step 6: Get Rid of Excess Paper

You can get rid of any excess paper by folding it under to line up perfectly with the top of the box. Adhere it with the top, and then fold it over the top flap and tape.

Step 7: Close Other Side

Repeat the same steps to close the other side. 

Step 8: Add Ribbon

Place the box face down and cut a ribbon five times as long as the gift box. Pull ends of the ribbon up and bring the right end over the left. Pull width-wise, so they cross. After that, turn the box and thread the two ribbons in a place. Make a double knot, then tie it into a simple bow.

Step 9: Trim Ends

Cut off the excess ribbon 450 degrees angle to create forked ends.


With the above steps, you can effortlessly wrap a gift box cleanly. Whether you're looking to spruce up your Quarantine gift ideas or wrap some great Christmas gift ideas, the techniques mentioned above will help you do so without difficulty. If you get stuck anywhere while wrapping the present don't feel shy to ask people around you who pack gifts perfectly. 

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