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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day in times of Global Pandemic?

Valentine's Day is coming up in a few weeks. But, we are all aware that the Covid-19 and its other dangerous various are still spreading across the country. It has continued to strain our activities as we are all required to stay home and do our part to flatten the curve of infections. 

At Taken Care Of, we understand couples of all ages will need to think outside the box if they want to celebrate the 14th in safety yet in style.

We have put up a list of romantic ideas you can try out without breaching the lockdown regulations, whether you live together or find yourselves in separate bubbles and expressing your feelings for each other online.

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Why is Valentine's day about love?

While we are talking about Valentine's Day and celebrating it even in times of adversity of a brutal as a global pandemic, let's look at the history of why valentine's day is about love and the importance of valentine's day. 

At least three individual saints named Valentine or Valentinus are recognised by the Catholic Church, all of whom were martyred. According to old folklore, Valentine was a priest who served in Rome during the third century. 

Emperor Claudius II had forbidden marriage for young men because he believed that single men made better soldiers for the war than those with wives and families. Instead, despite the decree's injustice, Valentine disobeyed Claudius and continued to execute covert marriages for young couples. 

Claudius ordered Valentine's execution after his acts were exposed. Others argue that Saint Valentine of Terni, a bishop, was the real inspiration for the holiday. Claudius II also beheaded him outside of Rome.

According to some accounts, Valentine was slain for attempting to assist Christians in escaping the harsh Roman jails, where they were frequently beaten and tormented. 

There is a famous saying about an imprisoned Valentine who sent the first "valentine" greeting after falling in love with a young girl who visited him during his confinement—possibly his jailor's daughter. He is thought to have written her a letter inscribed "From your Valentine" before his death, an idiom still used today. 

Although the truth underlying the Valentine legends is hazy, all of the stories underscore Valentine's attractiveness as a sympathetic, heroic, and, most importantly, amorous person. Valentine has thus become one of the most popular saints in England and France by the Middle Ages, maybe due to his reputation.

What Is Valentine's Day?

In popular culture, Valentine's Day is a day when lovers put their hearts out and express their love for one another by exchanging greetings and presents.

While most countries observe Valentine's Day, diverse civilisations have established unique ways to celebrate this holiday. 

Valentine's Day is about expressing love between family members and friends in some regions of the world, celebrating valentine's with family rather than romantic partners. Some customs include leaving lollipops and gifts for youngsters, while others involve acts of friendship.

Valentine's Day is usually linked with romantic love in Europe and North American countries and some parts of Asia. For example, flowers, cards, chocolates are sent to loved ones with romantic notes, and couples spend quality time together. 

Dinner, a picnic, or a traditionally special home-cooked meal are popular ways for couples to commemorate Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day meal specials are available at many establishments.

When Is Valentine's Day This Year?

In 2022, Valentine's Day falls on 14th February Monday. 

What To Do On Valentine's Day Amid Pandemic?

We have made the most practical list of things to do to make Valentine's Day special while staying safe in the face of a global pandemic. Here are our best valentine's day pandemic ideas.

How To Celebrate Valentine Day At Home

Order Online Gifts

Can't go out and do the shopping for the gift items yourself? Celebrating love during a pandemic is difficult, we reckon, but not impossible. 

No worries, Taken Care is catering online gifting services. You can put a gift box together and place an order online for gifts to be delivered to your home or your lover's home for a surprise. 

Taken Care Of provides the finest Valentine's Day Gifts.

Cook a romantic dinner for your partner

Spend some quality time cooking, having fun with livening to music in the kitchen together, preparing your favourite cuisine is one of the most popular at home valentine's day ideas.

Taking turns cooking the courses is one way to keep things interesting. For example, if one of you orders the main dish, the other has the option of ordering an appetiser or dessert. All of your signature dishes will be reflected in this way.

Are you unable to prepare meals? There's no shame in ordering takeout! Instead, choose your favourite fine dining establishment and place your order. 

You can order for each other and surprise your partner with their supper if you're in a long-distance relationship. Don't forget the extra love note and the roses.

Make your own cards and decorations. 

Make your own little love cards DIY decorations and plays with art supplies to liven up your home. 

You can get some roses, acquire quirky balloons, or even build your decorations. 

You can even recreate your first date together as valentine's day at home date ideas. 

Watch Your Favourite Movies together.

Another fun thing you can never be bored of is watching favourite movies together. But if you have gotten bored, revamp things up like challenging yourself to watch your partner's favourite thing. 

Not a sports person but is your boo/bae is hardcore football fanatic? Maybe watch a match together. Or do scissor, paper, rock for the genre; who knows, you will be watching horror movies just out of turn. 

Give relaxing massages to each other.

Treat your partner, or both of you, to a spa treatment at home. Candles, massages, and a hot bath with rose petals or a bath bomb are all on the menu. To complete the experience, get out some fluffy dressing robes, slippers, and cucumbers for your eyes.

Love that spa vibes with your lover. 

We have some scented candles, bath salts and also wash towels to top that experience with luxury. Find them here.

Read your favourite books & novels together.

Finding joy in the little things you have in common is extremely important for a healthy relationship. 

For example, if you two are fond of reading, share each other's favourite book or get into a reading streak for a whole valentine's week. 

Play indoor games

Games are just not fun but mentally simulating, relationship building and connection enhancing mediums. You can play multiple indoor games that can help you get through the complex, tough times of pandemic and at the same time give you much-needed love, affection and memories of playing together. 

If you are in a long-distance relationship, there are many choices of virtual games you both can play online together. 

Go for a walk

Even in the pandemic, going for a walk together is still an option. So put on your joggers, shoes and mask before going for a walk. Give yourself and your partner healthy cardio exercise with a bit of running. 

You can go for early morning cycling or do skipping sessions together for healthy fun times. 

Take Care of each other

Couples who have been on lockdown for a year may believe they have spent enough time in each other's company. When everything from sharing a work desk to homeschooling strains your time and space, the best Valentine's gift maybe some "me time," so give your partner an evening to themselves this year. 

Make them supper, pour them a glass of wine (or a craft beer), and give them a pass to watch Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Mind for the evening or leave them to binge on Pretty Little Liars or Keeping Up with Kardashians. And you can ask the same of them later. 

How Taken Care Of Is Handling Pandemic Valentines Day?

Despite the strain of pandemics that we have been feeling since the beginning, we have been trying to commit ourselves to not depriving anyone of the joy of giving and receiving gifts. Be that for Christmas or New Year; or approaching Valentine's Day. We take in the orders and deliver the gifts with all the safety precautions. 

Valentine's Day Gifts Box containing Champagne, Espresso Beans, Chocolate and more.

You can put your faith in us to deliver your gifts safely on time on whatever occasion and wherever. But we request you to put the orders ahead of time and give us a headstart for the delivery if the delivery destination is out of New Zealand. 

Why Order Valentine's Day Gifts From Taken Care Of?

Your gifting worries are our business. We love to take care, and you like having your worries taken care of. 

We are passionate givers who enjoy and love what we do. We make gifts special for both giving and receiving parties. We make occasions enjoyable and memorable because we believe gifts are meant to share happiness. It's our job to make it available for anyone to share happiness. 


Whether you're celebrating alone or in an unexpected way with your spouse, keep in mind that Valentine's Day is just another day, another chance to show your loved ones and yourself how much you care.

It's okay if it is not the best thing you could do together, but be grateful that being able to celebrate anyway possible is still a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, many have lost their better halves in this pandemic. 

It's hence essential to stay home, stay safe and try to make the most of every moment you can have together. 

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