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Gift Ideas For Women (The Ultimate Buying Guide)

“It’s easy to impress a woman.” said no one ever. Why? Because women deserve the best.

Especially when you are buying gifts for women that have an important place in your life, you want to make sure you have done all your research about what to buy, how to buy, etc. 

Be that your mother, sister, friend, a partner, why you choose and how you choose certain gifts for her matters. And hence, to ease your gift buying difficulties for remarkable women in your life, this blog exists. 

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about buying gift ideas for women.

Why give gifts to a woman?

Gifts can be used to express love and affection, as well as to express gratitude. Coincidentally, gifts have also displayed riches, success, and authority. Women enjoy nothing better than showing off their thoughtful gifts to their jealous peers.

Giving the woman a gift enhances your relationship's warmth, trust, affection, and closeness, as well as her admiration for you. This kindling effect of gift-giving should not be limited to important anniversaries and holidays but should also be used to keep the relationship unique. 

What to give as gifts to a woman?

A gift box wrapped with pink ribbon.

Gifting can be the most challenging thing if you make it so. And it is not that women are hard to please as the world makes it to be. Women are considerate, thoughtful and like meaningful things. But, as good as they are at being the best givers, they too would like gifts that make them feel special. 

So, how can you make a woman feel special?

Here is the list of things to consider when buying gifts for a woman:

10 things to consider when buying gifts for women 

    1. Her age: You want your gift to resonate with a woman’s age and style. You can’t buy overly exposing party dresses as gifts for mum, and neither can you buy Netflix subscriptions for underage sisters.

    2. Her favourite flowers: Flowers speak a universal language, and you can never go wrong with the flowers if you know what her favourite flowers are. Flowers anytime, any day and on any occasion possess the power to make a woman smile.

    3. Her favourite colour: Women are often particular with their colour choices. They love colour coding their wardrobe, room, curtains and their accessories. You will need to know her favourite colours as a gift-giving guide if she is particular about colours.

    4. Her zodiac sign: Not all women care about their astrological sign, but 5 in 10 women in your life will have some belief in those signs and their relationships sometimes reflect those beliefs. Knowing her zodiac signs can help you find the gifts she believes she can relate to. Like a Virgo, women will love a Virgo necklace as a gift.

    5. Her birthstone: Birthstones are supposed to provide good luck, good health, and protection to those who wear them. Astrologers have always claimed that certain gemstones have mystical properties. And hence, women in astrology would pay special attention to their birthstones and incorporate them into their accessories or jewellery.

    6. What’s her bestfriend? Gold, silver or diamond? : It should come as no surprise that women are fascinated by these precious rocks. Even minimalistic women like to own two pieces of jewellery made of gold, silver, platinum or diamond because these have been considered a good investment or insurance throughout history. If not to feel valuable themselves wearing precious stones, women value these gemstones for the keepsakes.

    7. Trend or culture she loves or wants to try: In today's world, cultural exchange has positively awakened feelings of kindred spirits towards people of other cultures or the trend people follow in different communities or classes. Women are the first to find themselves following the trend or wanting to try new culture. 

      A gift for a friend who likes Spanish culture could be Spanish clothing, a cookbook or postcards.

    8. Her spirit animal: As important as zodiac signs and birthstones are to many women, their spirit animals as well make an important role in their personality, as believed. Gifts that are themed under spirit animal speaks intimately to the women who believe in their spirit animals.

    9. Her favourite author or book: It should never be challenging to find the best gift for women for someone into books and authors. Books can be included in your girlfriend’s valentine’s day gift ideas that will make her heart melt or cousin’s birthday gifts she will adore. Lord of the Rings fans or Harry Potter fans will be rejoicing over the gifts and thing that relates to the author or the book itself.

    10. Her favourite movie or show: Movies and shows have been an integral part of our regular lives, and, commonly, so many exciting references to our lives come from our favourite movies and shows. Hence, merch, accessories and gadgets now are themed to popular movies and shows. 

      Does the woman you are trying to find the gift for has a favourite movie or show? Tickets to the show or just popcorn and movie night at home could be the right gifts for the wife.  

How to choose gifts for women?

Choosing the right gifts for women comes down to three simple things: Thoughtful, practical and quality. And if you are not sure how to choose gifts that entail these three things, here are a few points that will help you out make the decision:

  • Buy her things that have a story.
  • Memories make excellent gifts. If you can't make a story out of the gifts, make the gifts out of stories of the past. Gifts for grandma can include the items that connect her to her heritage or bring her back the fond memories of when she was younger. Likewise, gift boxes for mum can bring her memories of you when you were younger and an annoying little snitch that she adored. 

  • Gifts that make her life easier
  • Practical gifts make the best gifts because they prove to be useful. For example, rather than sitting in the corner taking up the storage, gifts with practicability are always appreciated. For example, silicon baking spatulas can make better gifts for an aunt than more mugs she will ever drink in. 

  • Acts of Services
  • Materials are often the first choice of gifts, but acts of service make a fantastic, thoughtful experience as a gift. 

    Don't know what to gift your mum? 

    How about cleaning the house and doing the laundry for the day so she can relax and take time for herself to do whatever she loves?

  • Her favourite meal or restaurant
  • You can never go wrong with her favourite food. Either you cook it or make the reservation in her favourite restaurant. You will easily make even an ordinary day turn out fantastic for her with some personal touch like scented candles, favourite music and her choice of drink. 

  • Beautiful and quality things
  • Get beautiful things for beautiful women in your life and quality things to reflect the quality of your relationship. 

    Pay attention to things they love but wouldn’t buy for themselves. Those kinds of gifts make extraordinary experiences and evoke gratitude and appreciation.  

    When to give gifts to a woman?

    A wrapped gift box placed in bed.

    The timing makes a significant impact on the gifting and receiving experience. When you are the one giving, make sure that timing is impeccable. 

    Here are some tips for the perfect timing to give gifts:

    • Morning sunshine is the best; nothing beats the feeling of being surprised in sleepy eyes.

    • Letting her find the gift independently without any prior expectations could brighten up any ordinary day.

    • Gifts after emotional conversations or arguments that reflect the sentiments warm up anyone’s heart. But take a moment before giving such gifts, and don’t forget to add the personal notes to tell her to think about her and care for her deeply.

    • Plan for a quiet moment. Look for a time when she is not hurried or has other things to do. When she is relaxed, peaceful, and has time to indulge in her gifts, you enjoy both the giving and receiving gifts experience.

    • Pick a day that would usually be a sad one for her. Gifts that help to ease pain or loss would be thoughtful and meaningful. If there is a death anniversary or other events that could mean that she would be in pain or sad, giving her a gift would help her feel better and think that she has people she can rely on in hard times.

    • An ordinary, nothing special day makes a fantastic day for gift-giving. So why should you wait for occasions when you decide you want to make a woman in your life smile?

    Pick a day, give her a gift and see her confused about what day she forgot just to find out you gave her a gift just to make her smile. 

    Awee, watch her heart melt! That there, right there, is the absolute satisfaction of gift-giving! 

    How to give gifts? Dos and Don’ts of gift-giving 

    These are common but very important rules of gift-giving. Not just to women in your life but to anyone you give gifts to. Take care of small details so you don’t ruin your gifting game while ruining someone’s gift-receiving experience. 


    • Leave the price tag on. That’s the worst thing you can do wrong with the gifts.

    • Deliver gift in store’s plastic bag. Even if it last moment gift buying, don’t, just don’t settle for the store’s plastic bag. All the good things in the bag will make no difference to saving your face with the ignorantly used plastic bag.

    • Wrong wrapping straight up kills the buzz. So be careful with the wrapping selection. Even if you are ordering the gift online, ensure that you have thoroughly checked in with the provider for the right wrapping paper.

    • Don’t over mistify or hide the gift that could easily be overlooked, misplaced or even thrown away mistakenly. If you are not careful, your gift could be swallowed, creating a choking hazard. Don’t try putting a ring into a wine glass or popcorn box. 


    • Keep receipt. Just in case she decides that there is a need to return the item.

    • Get the proper gift bag. Store a few of them if you need to cause all around the year, you will be giving gifts multiple times.

    • Decorate the gift with unwrapped items like flowers visibly. Everything should get the attention, from the gift bag to the last thing inside the box.

    • Make a personal note. Notes are essential, notes are thoughtful and note complete the gifts.

    • If you are getting the gifts delivered, make sure to have them delivered to the address where she can receive them personally. (at the office or home).

    • Be confident enough with your gift to present it when you are in public. 

    12 gift ideas for women to consider before presenting gifts

    Suppose you want to bring the best reactions from your perfect gift-giving strategy. You need to master the art. Not just a gift but a whole presentation. 

    Now that we have walked you through all the gift-giving 101 lessons, let's give you some more quick ideas to consider. 

    1. Personalised Packaging:
      Personalised packaging makes the gift feel more personal. Put the packaging with the person you are giving a gift to in your mind.

    2. Age Relevance:
      Make the presentation work with the age relevance of the woman you are giving the gift to. Present it to match their age, maturity, style, and mood.

    3. Colour Code:
      Go a little further with colour coding the gift. Make the colour and the person, theme, and gift compliment each other.

    4. Personal Preference:
      Go extra length to ensure that gifts match the woman's personal preference. The gift is all about them and less about you. Give your grandma a Kitchen herb gardening kit if she likes gardening as a gift.

    5. Things she already has:
      There’s no fun in getting or giving things the other person already has. Hence, before venturing ahead to find the gift for a woman, make sure that what you buy is unique and yet practical to what she already has.

    6. Consideration of the relationship:
      You ought to be careful if your gifts do not cross the line regarding the relationship with the woman you are giving gifts to.

      For example, lingerie would never make the perfect gift for a crush. Even if you hold romantic feelings for her, wait before you are ready to make a move, and she is prepared to accept your feelings for her.

    7. Gifts customisation:
      Gifts are more intimate and personal when customised to match the recipient’s preferences.

      For example, why gift a plain mug when you can customise it with cute pictures or motivating messages?

    8. Heartfelt message:
      As said earlier, emphasise getting the message across wholeheartedly. Be that with personal handwritten or get the message engraved into gifts like pen, keyrings or customised journal.

    9. Surprise element:
      Gifting is supposed to be a surprise even when gifts are expected; make sure you add the surprise element to it.

    10. Unconventional gift choice:
      Quirky gifts always have surprise elements to them. Gift something out of the norm for yourself and the woman receiving the gift. 

      Break-up Boss illustration book would make an excellent gift for a best friend going through a break-up. 

    11. Quality rules:
      Quality always rules over quantity. Get a simple, single but quality gift that lasts for a long time. It doesn't have to be ‘break your bank’ costly but find something valuable within your budget.

    12. Mystery gift:
      A mystery gift holds a different element of excitement. Make the gifting experience into a treasure hunt or play guessing games. Adding subtle funfilled presentation of the gift makes giving and receiving gifts pleasurable. 

    Few things to absolutely not forget when getting gifts for the woman

  • Take the hint. Always! 
  • If there is something she has been wanting or if she has told you something she liked or could buy something, take your cue. That could be a meaningful and practical gift! 

  • Don’t let someone tell you, “don’t buy a feminist an apron.”
  • If she is an important person to you, you will know if this woman in your life likes conventional gifts. Don’t buy generic gifts. Don’t take advice from the people who don’t know her personally when purchasing gifts for women. 

  • Do poke fun, but don't make a joke out of not so funny things. 
  • If there is one thing that wrecks the nerve of a woman is poking fun at things that are not funny. To make fun or joke, you have to be at the level in the relationship where you both know each other well enough. 

    If you know there are certain lines drawn, unspoken cues, don’t muster the courage to cross it only to have ruined the entire journey to only have the woman you were trying to impress be upset and mad. That's not worth it. 

  • Use the money to get some love, and it doesn't hurt! 
  • Money certainly can’t buy love, but it can bring you more love from a woman who already loves you. Don’t hesitate to get something nice, even if it's costly once in a while, for the woman you want to show deep appreciation and love for. Tell her she is valuable to you in the ways you can afford to. 

  • Show her that she inspires you. 
  • The best thing one can do to another person is show them that they inspire you. Tell your mum she is your muse, tell your sister that she is your spirit and tell your girlfriend she brings out the best in you. 

    Life is too short not to tell them how much you love the women in your life with the gifts. 

    At last, 

    Women are simple beings with a desire for simple things. 

    They long to be accepted, appreciated and acknowledged for their roles in our lives. Getting the gift for remarkable women in your life should bring you immense pleasure as it would for them to receive it. Enjoy the gifting process from the moment to come up with ideas for gifts for her to execute and present. 

    You will find great inspirations for gift ideas for women in our pre-curated gift box sections. If you would like, check out the "Build-A-Box" for a customised gift box containing items of your choice. 

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