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Fathers Day Gift Guide

Dads are an integral part of every child’s life, and to children, their dad is their hero.

Father's Day commemorates the contributions dads have made to our lives and thanks those who have made a fatherly influence or impact on our upbringing and development as a whole. 

It's not just biological dads who may be celebrated on this day—grandfathers, stepfathers, adoptive fathers, and other father figures can also be honoured. Celebrating fathers doesn't require a day, but since we have one, why not make it special for our dads that have shaped us and made us who we are?

To show your dad how much you love him, if you have not already made up your mind about how to make Father’s Day 2022 the best dad’s day ever for your dad, then this post is for you. 

Let's make your daddy proud! 

But wait, while we are hyped up about father’s day, let’s first do a bit of background check on Father’s day and the history it beholds worldwide. 

A father carrying his son in his shoulders and pointing towards something.

What Is Father’s Day?

You may think your dad enjoys receiving presents and being showered with affection on this day, but the ordinary dad back when the holiday was originally introduced more than 100 years ago didn't agree. So even though Father's Day began as a simple concept, it has evolved. 

But the question remains, what and why is Father's Day? If you're curious about anything else related to this special day for fathers, continue reading. 

Father's Day is observed on the first Sunday in September in New Zealand. However, the third Sunday in June is the most often observed date for Father's Day worldwide. Many nations have now embraced this day, initially observed in the United States.

When is Father’s Day in New Zealand?

Father's Day in New Zealand and Australia is observed on the first Sunday in September for reasons that remain a mystery. 

To separate Father's Day from other holidays, it is widely thought that the first Sunday in September 1964 was chosen as the official date across the Commonwealth.

Why is Father’s Day different in New Zealand? Famous Father's Day in New Zealand History

In New Zealand, Father's Day is commonly associated with a radio clip. Since the notorious phone call occurred over ten years ago, it continues to make the rounds on social media throughout September.

As far as New Zealand radio snippets go, this is one of the most renowned. Gareth Lischner, the presenter of the "Reverse Trial" show, struggled for about two minutes to persuade caller Solly to speak the question, which was, in reality, the answer: "When is Father's Day?"

Is it truly Father's Day if you don't talk about that amazing radio phone call on NZ Father's Day?

History and Origin of Father's Day

Since the Middle Ages, Father's Day has been observed in Catholic nations of Europe on the 19th of March as Saint Joseph's Day.

However, it was only in the United States that Father's Day as we know it today originated. 

It was initially seen in 1910 and was instigated by a woman named Mrs Sonora Dodd. To honour her father, William Smart, who became a single parent after her mother's death during delivery, Mrs Dodd commissioned a portrait. William Smart was an exception in his day since he raised all six of his children by himself.

Sonora attempted to create a male parent counterpart to Mother's Day. The inaugural Father's Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, when a local businesswoman rallied support for her concept by going door-to-door in the community.

Unfortunately, the excitement around the anniversary was short-lived. People wanted to replace Mother's Day and Father's Day with Parents' Day in the 1920s and 1930s. Instead, retailers tried to commercialise the holiday during the Great Depression to generate money during difficult economic times. Father's Day became a method for Americans to honour those serving in the armed forces during World War II.

Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge were among those who recognised the significance of Father's Day. Still, Congress didn't approve a joint resolution authorising the president to declare June 3 as Father's Day until 1970. 

Nixon signed a Proclamation on May 1, 1972, declaring Father's Day a national holiday, which was first celebrated on June 18, 1972.

Father’s Day Tradition Around The World

This holiday is commemorated on different days in different countries.

On the 3rd Sunday of June, it is observed in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Argentina, Canada, France, Greece, India and Ireland are just a few nations where this phenomenon has been noticed. 

On the 1st Sunday of September, Father's Day is celebrated in Australia and New Zealand. On December 5, Thailand's king's birthday, the holiday is observed. On the 2nd Sunday of August, Brazilian dads are celebrated.

Many individuals go out of their way to show their fathers or father figures how much they appreciate them on Father's Day. Others send cards, flowers, or other presents to their dads instead of seeing them in people, such as clothing, athletic equipment, or gourmet food items. For Father's Day, there are a variety of customs and rituals that are unique to each family. 

For example, a simple phone call or greeting card can be followed by a major party celebrating all of the father figures in the family. All male relatives, including dads, stepfathers, and even stepfathers' fathers, can be considered father figures in a child's life.

In India, a new idea, Father's Day, is celebrated similarly to the United Kingdom or the United States, albeit lower than in the United States or the UK.

Father's Day celebrations are more widely known in urban areas, and larger towns since residents are more familiar with Western customs. Known as "Da del Padre" in Mexico, Father's Day allows families to gather together, cook together, and give their dads or father figures gifts. 

The importance of dads in nurturing children and fostering a better society is highlighted at Father's Day events in South Africa.

Except for Thailand, where Father's Day falls on the same day as the King's Birthday, it is not a federal holiday in most countries. 

A few companies and government offices are open because Father's Day is observed on a Sunday in other nations. Public transit follows the regular weekend schedule. 

Why Are Fathers So Special?

It takes a lifetime of work to be a good father. 

Without their fathers, a child's life isn't complete, and no one else can fill that need. This function could affect how a child grows up and what kind of person they become.

Children look to their dads when it comes to making and following rules. They depend on their dads to make them feel safe, both physically and emotionally. Fathers involved in their kids' lives help them build inner strength and self-confidence. 

When dads are loving and helpful, it affects a child's mental and social growth. Plus, it improves a child’s personality and self-esteem.

As a child grows up, fathers shape who they are on the inside and how they interact with others. They will choose friends, partners, and even a spouse based on how well they understand their relationship with their father.

How a father interacts with his children will affect how those children interact with other people.

Young girls look to their dads for emotional and physical safety. Fathers teach their daughters how important it is to have a healthy relationship with a guy. When a girl is old enough to start dating, if her father is kind and caring, she will look for those qualities in a man. Because her father is brave, she will be interested in men who are also brave.

Boys take after their fathers, not their mothers, when treating other people. When a child is young, they want their father's approval. That's how we learn how to act like people in the world: by copying what other people do. 

If a father is kind to others and treats them with respect, his son will grow up to be the same way. When a father isn't around, other men are often looked up to for "guide" about how to act and get by in the world.

Our relationships with our fathers directly impact our outlook towards ourselves and our lives. 

This influence fathers have in children’s lives is what fathers day tends to emphasise and celebrate the fathers who continue to take on that lifelong challenge of being a good father and role model to their children despite knowing that there is no hard copy guideline on how to do parenting right. 

How To Celebrate The Father’s Day?

It can be hard to find things to do for Father's Day. If you're having trouble coming up with an idea, try one below. Or, use them as a starting point as you look for ways to honour and celebrate the father figures in your life.

Quality Times

Fathers can enjoy some attention, pampering, games, food and just deep conversations once in a while. 

Make the day about him. Watch his favourite movie and listen to his favourite musicians. Arrange the game for the match or play indoor games. Take him out to a spa, restaurant, shopping, or day out to his favourite location.

Favourite Memories

Relieving or recreating his favourite memories or your memories of him together could be a great way to celebrate Father’s day. 

Indulge in conversations about his childhood mischiefs, wisdom, and memories from his teenage and young days. Share your memories of him and tell him how you felt about it. Make sure to appreciate him and tell him you love him for being him. 

Plan A Mini-Vacation

A day away is always a pleasant idea. Dads that have a busy day at either work or home will surely appreciate going out on vacation. 

Fix a place nearby and give him a lovely treat. You can plan out his favourite activities like fishing, picnic or barbecue gatherings with extended family members. 

Experiencing The Fatherhood

There’s a lot to fatherhood than having children and being called dad. 

There is a loss of freedom with new responsibilities—the constant pressure of being an ideal father and compromises that need to be made. With happiness comes many struggles, and that experience of fatherhood needs to be celebrated. 

Make a point about appreciating all the challenges, hardships, and constrictions fatherhood put him on and celebrate his strength, diligence, and commitment to his parenting role. 

Gift him something that he wanted but had to compromise for his children. That can be anything like favourite pair of shoes he wanted, a concert ticket to his favourite band or a vacation he wanted to go on. 

His Me-Time

There is nothing wrong with wanting some me-time if your dad feels like it. You can just get your uncles or your dad’s friends to come together to have their quality times. Then, send out invitations, cook their favourite food, and let them decide what they want to do to have fun just men with dad bods together. 

Just ask him what he wants to do or how he wants to spend his day and let him have it his way, plain and simple!

A foot mask package.

He might want just to stay home and have some self-care time with a face mask, foot mask and some spa vibes. 

Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Father's Days Gift Ideas For Every Type Of Dad

There are many different types of dads out there, so it can be hard to find the perfect gift for them. But don’t worry, we have you covered with this Father’s Day Gift Guide with simple father’s day gift ideas!

We will look at the best Father's Day gift ideas for every type of dad. From the outdoorsy dad who loves fishing and camping to the tech-savvy dad who loves gadgets and video games. We have something for every kind of dad.

Fathers Day Ideas For Dad:  Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

The best fathers day gift ideas for dad are the ones that are personalised to your dad. You can use the following tips to find a perfect gift for your dad, especially if he has everything.

If your dad is a golf lover, you can get him a new set of clubs or a new golf bag. If your dad loves fishing, you can get him some fishing gear or a fishing trip.

You might want to look for a hunting rifle or some hunting gear for the dad who loves hunting. If your dad is an adventurous man and likes hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities, you might consider getting him some camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks.

A person taking out jerky from the packet.

Buy SWEET HEAT – SWEET AND HOT BEEF JERKY- is great on a cold night with a single malt or bathtub gin or a Moorish snack for a road trip.

Fathers Day Gifts for the Dad Who Loves to Cook

The father in your life is always cooking up something delicious for you and the whole family. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, he never fails to make your favourite dish. He loves to cook for you, so why not get him a gift that will allow him to do what he loves all day?

Many different gifts would make a great Father's Day present for the dad who loves to cook. One idea is a new set of pots and pans so he can continue cooking up his favourite meals with ease. Another option would be easy-to-use sous vide machine which will help him make even more delicious dishes.

Check out our Gold Cocktail Jigger and Old Fashioned Cocktail for the dads who love cocktails.

Old Fashioned Cocktail Bottle with orange slices laid down.

Fathers Day Gifts for the Dad Who Loves Sports

The first thing that we need to look at is the type of sport that your dad plays. If he plays a contact sport, we want to ensure that the gift is protective and doesn't interfere with his gameplay. So, for example, if he plays football, you would want to consider buying him some new football gloves or a helmet. 

If he plays golf, then maybe a golf club cover would be a good idea, so his clubs are always protected from inclement weather and dirt when not in use. 

One pack of Hudson Playing Cards.

Or, get these Hudson Playing Cards for the dad who loves staying indoors, the world's most popular luxury decks from Theory 11; they're breathtaking and feel as good as they look.

Fathers Day Gifts For The Tech-Savvy Dad

For the tech-savvy dad, there are many great gifts that he will enjoy. That could be a smartwatch, ear-pods or Kindle to read his favourite books.

Since dads are often on the go and need to stay connected to their work and family, they need to have a laptop that can keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle. 

Whatever you buy, you will need Well-Kept Tech Wipes containing 15 pre-moistened towelettes useful for cleaning various electronics and lenses.

One pack of "Ginger Joy" Well-Kept screen cleansing towelettes.

Find more father’s day gift ideas or build your own father’s day gift boxes here. 

Where To Buy Father’s Day Gift?

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Are you ready to surprise your dad this father’s day 2022 with the best father’s day gifts? 

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Happy Father’s Day! 

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