Your Guide to Perfect Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is an excellent opportunity to show your gratitude and appreciation for the hard work of your colleagues, employees and clients. It is a great way to say thank you, we appreciate your business and celebrate with you. 

But it is a tricky game.

Finding the perfect gift for all of your employees, clients, and vendors can be difficult. With so many options out there, it's hard to know what will make someone happy. 

Luckily, we've researched for you.

If you are looking for a fantastic gift idea, this post will be perfect for you as it provides a comprehensive guide on what to consider when purchasing corporate gifts to make sure that you get them something they will love and cherish.

Let’s begin;

What is corporate gifting?

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Corporate gifting is a gesture to express gratitude and appreciation towards your employee, client or customer. The organisation often gives them out as an in-house culture to strengthen relationships with recipients and provide them with essential products that can help promote business ventures.

Harvard Business Review says individual acknowledgement and recognition are equally critical to a department's or organization's growth. Even a small gesture of gifting conveys unspoken value and respect. It reminds peers that individual achievements are valuable and appreciated.

Why is corporate gifting meaningful?

You already know that gifting is an integral part of expressing gratitude and appreciation. The feedback you receive from a gift can be rewarding and strengthen relationships with those on your team, clientele or customers.

Sometimes, the best way to say "thank you" is with a thoughtful gift. 

What’s more? A thoughtful corporate gift strengthens the bond between organisations as well. It nourishes existing partnerships while developing new ones through meaningful connections between companies.

Corporate gifting types

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There are many reasons why you might want to give a corporate gift. It could be that it's someone's birthday, they've done something special for you or the company, or maybe it's the holiday season, and sending cards just don’t cut it anymore. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to gifting, but there are some guidelines to follow.

Corporate gift for employees

Corporate gifting is a way to show appreciation for employees and their hard work. It’s not just about benefits, salaries or other perks. It's also about the unexpected gestures that make an impact on those who are loyal to your company, whether they're coming aboard as new hires or have been with you since day one. 

The perfect gift will always be welcome by anyone who understands how important this gesture can be. It shows just how much somebody appreciates an employee at any time during the year, not only around Christmas when most people expect gifts.

We all love receiving gifts, but some get more excited about it than others, primarily if they have worked hard on something or achieved something big.

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Corporate gifts for clients

Corporate gifting is an opportunity to share the importance of your clients with them in a personal way. It's a perfect moment to display that you know your clients personally and their business ultimately matters. 

It would be best if you went that extra mile to create a special bond with your clients and turn them into allies. Always make sure the thoughtfulness of what you give matches how close a connection this person has with your company.

It helps set you apart from the competition when you go above and beyond to show that you genuinely care about customers by providing regular corporate gifts.

Gifts are not just a means of saying "thank you" to your clients. They also show how much weight the relationship carries. 

In fact, according to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), gift-giving is proven to increase business activity and improve return on investment.

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Purpose of corporate gifts

Gifts affirm business relationships and enhance personal connections between clients, customers, or employees. The proper present communicates that although there are busy times, you haven’t forgotten about them completely.

The best way to say thank you sometimes? Corporate gifting.

It is also a powerful marketing tool that increases brand loyalty and awareness while retaining the company's image as a beloved name.

A small gesture of appreciation can go a long way. The organisation with a corporate gift culture always has higher levels of staff retention and loyalty, making it worth all those gift tokens.

How to present a Great Corporate Gift?

When it comes to corporate gifting, the challenge is coming up with a thoughtful and creative gift that the recipient will appreciate. 

We hope the following guidelines will help make your decision easier next time you need a present for someone special

Personalise your gifts

In some cases, it’s easy to think that what you are giving someone doesn’t matter because they already have everything and there is nothing new or different to offer them.

But if you take time to find something unique and personalised, then not only will your gift be more memorable, but it will also show that you took the time and effort to consider their needs when shopping for them. The best way to come up with a unique idea is to think about what their passions are.

The first step should be finding out what they do in their free time or hobbies. It could include music preferences, food options, sports teams they follow, or just something as simple as reading material. 

Once you know what type of person you're shopping for, find ways to incorporate this into the present. For example, if someone likes biking, then getting them a new bike accessory like bike gloves would make for an excellent gift idea.

Make a budget

Setting up a budget for your corporate gifting helps you figure out the ideal gift. Another advantage would be keeping track of how much money you spent in total, so there isn't any overspending.

It would help if you treated gifting similar to any other investment in the business. Most companies don’t set budgets or measure their ROI (return-on-investment) when it comes to gifts. So most times, they are just giving away money without counting if it was worthwhile.

Timing matters

Gifts are something that should not be expected but unexpected. You might want to gift someone when they least expect it so you can catch them off guard and make a lasting impression on their minds. It would be best to surprise someone with a thoughtful and timely gift. 

Most businesses prefer gifting at the end of the year, but it is also nice to say "thank you" throughout all 12 months for employees or clients that we appreciate. A thoughtful token does so much more than say "thanks." Also, it sets you apart from your competitors.

Useful and Functional Gifts

Gifts are all about giving back. The best gift you can give someone is one that they will use every day, make their life easier and solve a problem. Such presents have significant value than those who exist for amusement purposes alone because it's more likely that the recipient will use them daily, which means branding opportunities.

Not only are these gifts worth more than "one-off" gifts because the recipient won't forget your brand seeing them again and again, but it also ensures that they'll never be without what makes their lives better. 


As important as choosing the right corporate gift for your client is, even more so is wrapping it up thoughtfully and creatively. 

Why not spend the time and money on wrapping your corporate gifts to reflect how much you value your relationships with the gift recipient? There are so many different ways to customise your presents, from the time you spend wrapping them and how much of a personal touch you put into them.

One way is by using special paper or ribbon that reflects what your company does. Spare no expense in the wrapping, or use a professional service to provide an elegant presentation that reflects their worth.

What can we do for you?

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Final Thought

If you’ve ever had to choose a corporate gift, you know that it can be tricky. 

The Fifth Design's "An Ultimate Guide To Corporate Gifting" blog post has an excellent helpful additional sections on Do's and Don't while giving corporate gifts. 

In the end, it's your choice to decide what type of corporate gifting methods will work best for you. Whether that is a small token or large gift basket, make sure they are thoughtful and personalised to be effective. 

I hope this article helped you get a better idea of incorporating more thoughtfulness into your corporate gifting while honouring those who have helped build your company up over time. 

Have any thoughts on our advice? Let us know in the comment section.

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