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9 Amazing Tips on Choosing the Right Gift Box

Buying a perfect gift isn't always a straightforward job to do. It can often be time consuming and confusing trying. Finding a gift that is thoughtful, relevant to the sentiment you're trying to convey and most importantly suited for your recipient while staying within budget is a task in itself! 

In this blog, we will discuss our 9 favourite tips on choosing the right gift box.

Know Your Recipient

This is an excellent place to start. Before going on the hunt for their gift, know the recipient, their likes and dislikes. Yes, along with likes, understanding dislikes will keep you on safe ground. 

Observe the daily life of the recipient. See what they do or use daily. Look for their aesthetic, favourite colour and prints, and things that make them happy. Do they love the outdoors or do you often find them cuddled up with a book? You can also give something related to the hobbies or interests of the recipient. These small details will help you in choosing the right gift. 

A few gift ideas:

  • Things that they need at the moment like homewares stationery, kitchenware
  • Books or related gift cards if they like reading
  • Artwork if they are into art 
  • Their favourite treats or snacks 
  • A box full of their favourite goodies

Consider the Occasion

Gifting as per the occasion and sentiment is key to creating a thoughtful gift box. Special events like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and many more deserve special treatment. 

Considering the occasion before looking for the gift will help you a lot to find the right one. We offer pre-curated gift boxes for different occasions. We've got you covered for everything from romantic gift ideas for your loved ones to mothers day gifts.

Plus, you can build personalised custom gift boxes through our “Build-A-Box” section.

Remember gifts do not need occasions, nor do you have to wait for one to appreciate your loved ones.

Set a Budget

You don't have to feel low about setting a budget for the gift. Moreover, it is an essential step to make the gift hunting process easy for you. First thing, having a budget will keep you on track. 

Imagine standing outside a gift store without a budget. The millions of options out there can be overwhelming. 

Secondly, the budget will allow you to look for alternatives and think out of the box. Again, we don't want to imply that you have to be strict with your budget. Use it as a guideline and explore.

Consider The Packaging

The packaging of the gift shows not only the effort you have put in but creates an unboxing experience that is just as much a part of the gift as the products inside. A well-wrapped gift speaks your intention for the receiver. You can choose to incorporate the favourite colour and aesthetic of the giftee. Use good quality wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, gift tag, and so forth to pack the gift by yourself. 

Do some research and make the gift look interesting. You can find numerous gift packaging inspirations on Pinterest

It is not only about giving the gift; it should reflect your care and thought for the recipient. 

Likewise, if you are considering buying a gift from a gift company, go ahead and ask about their packaging. How ethical are their packaging materials, and how the gift boxes are packed? 

See if they have multiple choices and whether the offered packaging aligns with the aesthetic and likes of the receiver or not. 

Below are a few reasons that explain why you should inquire about the gift packaging before purchasing the present from the gift company:

  • It will keep you on the safe side, and the chances of any potential misinterpretation decline.
  • You will see all the gift company’s options and choose the best one that suits the recipient.
  • If the offered packaging meets the thrill of the occasion or not

Add a Personal Note/Message with the Gift Box

You can add a handwritten note to the gift box. Or, if you want, take the benefit and write the recipient a letter. These small touches amplify your care and love for the giftee. 

Let them know how much they matter and how grateful you are to have them in your life. We usually forget to appreciate these little things in our always on the go lifestyle. Seatback, relax and write your heart out.

Consider A Purchasing Platform 

Things have changed. Almost everything is available online. Depending upon your gift item, you can buy it by visiting the store or ordering it online. 

Analyse if the product needs your physical presence or not before buying it. See if you can spare some time to visit the store and if not, can you trust the quality of the product by ordering it online.

It is up to you and your circumstances to buy the gift from an online store or an offline store. Similarly, you can also use the online stores as an inspiration and buy it offline. Before buying it online, you also consider things like flowers, candies, food, etc. 

Always Purchase Gifts from a Trusted Gift Company

Choosing the right gift company is crucial too. The products they use and the quality they offer matters a lot. It is not a one time purchase. You might want your gift company to take care of your future gifting troubles. So, a good relationship is essential. 

Things you should look for in your Gift company:

  • Quality of their products
  • Their packaging
  • If they deliver on time or not 
  • Their assistance and customer service

Why choose Taken Care Of as your Gifting partner?

We believe in creating and nurturing connections, strengthening relationships, and building beautiful memories. To do this, we have come up with luxurious gift boxes with a modern yet timeless aesthetic. 

Our products and service vouch for our words and the quality our company thrive for. We will help you create the most evoking and thoughtful gift box for your loved ones. 

We have a variety of options to choose from in our pre-curated gift boxes. Similarly, we offer extensive features like Build-A-Box and Corporate Gifting. 

Build-A-Box lets you choose items, colours, and the size of the gift box. Likewise, for corporate gifting, we design and assist companies in creating perfect gift boxes for their team members in their budget. Plus, we offer free shipping on orders over $200. 

Check out our pre-curated gift boxes here

Personalise the Gift Box

Personalising the gift takes it to the next level. You can leave your mark and let the receiver enjoy your presence in the present. If you are crafty, then you can make the box by yourself or let professionals do it. Include recipient’s favourite snacks/candies, socks, sink care, gift cards, stationery, etc.

Do remember, don't go overboard with customisation. You certainly don't have to paste your or the receiver's face all over the wrapping paper. Use initials or dates instead. Add polaroid photos if you can, and make a handmade card.

Likewise, you can also go and buy a custom gift box. All the stuff in the gift box is hand-picked, considering the taste of the receiver. 

Shipping Options

If you live far away from the recipient or cannot make it to their home to congratulate them, then shipping the gift in one piece is crucial. After putting in all this effort to buy the perfect gift for your loved one, you would want it to be received undamaged. 

If you are purchasing the gift online, then do check the shipping procedure of the shop. If you are thinking of buying the gift offline, do some research and choose the right logistics company to take care of it.

Things to remember:

  • Check if the company ships the gifts or not. If they mail the present, how do they package it?
  • What method of shipping do they use, and if your package can get to the receiver on time or not
  • If you are shipping it by yourself, ask the logistics company how they handle the package and the time it takes to reach the given address.

The gift is all about the recipient. Take a close look at it and ask yourself if it is them or not. A gift is a great way to send your message to the giftee. If there is anything special you want to convey through the gift box, select the present accordingly. 

No doubt, choosing a gift box takes lots of effort and attention. You want to make it perfect, and at Taken Care Of, we will make it come true. Get in touch with us anytime to book a private consultation for your gifting needs. 

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