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10 Best Lockdown and Quarantine Gift Ideas for Anyone Struggling With Social Distancing

We all want to be there with our loved ones and care when they are sick, but sadly in the case of Covid-19, we can't even be around them during lockdown. Even if you cannot be there with them, you can let them know you are there from afar, and you care for them through gifts and constantly checking on them. This blog will inform you about the top 10 best quarantine gift ideas for anyone struggling with social distancing.

The ideal gift for people in quarantine should be comforting, practical, and home-focused. It should encourage them to stay inside, eat healthily, and take plenty of rest. 

10 best Quarantine Gift Ideas 


If your loved one likes reading or wants them to read a specific book, then it is the best time to give them that. With so much time on their hands, a fantastic book will make time fly by. You can consider giving fiction or non-fiction books as per the recipient preference. 

If the recipient is not a reader, you can also try gifting novel sets from their favourite movies like Harry Potter. It may make them excited and turn them to read.

Kindle also makes a good gift for a bookworm or anyone who is just starting to read. You can buy Kindle unlimited subscription, and thanks to the kindle app, people can read on any Android or iOS device.

Virtual classes for self-improvement

Cooking Classes

Getting stuck 24/7 in a house can become super tiresome. At the same time, it is the best time to enhance your cooking skill or learn new cuisines. Many platforms offer cooking classes in various cuisines by professional cooks from all around the world. For instance, Master Class and SkillShare have some marvellous cooking classes. 


In the middle of this chaotic and scary pandemic, everyone has to learn to be calm and composed, especially those fighting with it. Staying away from family and friends can become very hard. The person who is in quarantine can get anxious, feel alone, and may get wrong thoughts. Therefore practising mindfulness is more crucial than ever before. 

Meditation apps like Headspace and Calm can be used anytime and anywhere. It can make you focus and start/end your day cheerfully. We recommend getting your quarantined family member or friend subscription on these apps.


Learning gardening can become an excellent way to pass the time. Along with learning a lifelong skill, you may get inspired to have your beautiful garden full of flowers/plants. 

Many platforms offer gardening courses that you can gift. To make it more meaningful for your loved ones, you can also present gardening supplies that will come in handy during the class. 

Movie Collection

There is a movie for everyone, and the only thing is to find it. As per the receiver’s taste, likings, and hobbies, you can choose a genre and get them a set of movies to enjoy during quarantine. Similarly, you can also gift movies that have multiple sequels.

Subscription Cards (Disney +, HULU, Amazon)

Even if your loved ones cannot go to that sporting event they are waiting for long; you can thankfully get them Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime gift cards. Most of them also come in a bundle, which can save you good money too. Make sure to get the ad-free version. 

Likewise, there is also an option to get them a Netflix or HBO subscription, but make sure that they don't have to watch almost everything on it. Subscription cards make a meaningful gift and will keep your loved one entertained.

Self-Care Items

There cannot be the best time to care for yourself. And people in quarantine have all the time to nourish their skin and soul. It will not only uplift their mood but also make them feel confident.

You can make a self-care basket with sheet/clay masks, scrub, bath bombs, soothing candles, chocolate assortment, book, teabags, moisturiser, and serums. 

These are some of the best self-care gift boxes that make a perfect gifting option for anyone who is sick; Black & Gold, But First Coffee/Pink, You've Got This, Lush Lavender, Flushed, Self Care Sunday, and The Barbershop.

Food Baskets

We need the energy to fight and recover while being sick. Social distancing and quarantine affect you physically and mentally. You can't go to your favourite restaurants and cafes to enjoy the food & drinks. But you can order them a home delivery service from their favourite restaurant.

Likewise, you can also make a food basket of all the snacks, fruits, bakery items, and drinks your loved one prefers and gift them. To make it more interesting, you can also include snacks that they may not have tasted before and let them decide whether they like it or not. 

Chocolate Bouquet

Flower bouquets have always been a traditional way to make someone's day. You can still give it to your loved ones in quarantine to brighten their day. However, here we are talking about chocolate bouquets to boost the happiness of your loved one in quarantine to the next level.

Buy all the chocolates and candies your sweet tooth family/friend loves and make a chocolate bouquet. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make a chocolate bouquet at home. You can make it as big or small as you want. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards make another great option if you do not know what to present. Find out which music streaming service your loved one uses and grant them a free month or a couple of free months. You can also get gift cards from Amazon or their favourite beauty/skincare line. 

Aroma Candles

Aroma candles and their soothing vibe makes an excellent gift for your loved ones. You can find numerous scents, shapes, and designs of aroma candles in the market. If your loved one is already into candles, see what scent they prefer and give them. 

Many small businesses make hand-poured gorgeous aroma candles with initials. You can purchase from those businesses and support them at the same time. 

Check out our pre-curated gift boxes with aroma candles- Home Sweet Home, Hamptons En Suite, Lovely Lemon, and Coffee Break

Personalised Care Package

A personalised care package is our favourite quarantine gift choice because of all the effort and love that goes into making it. You can develop an aesthetic as per your loved one's liking, get all their favourite stuff, and create a personalised care package by yourself. 

Make a list of things you want to include in the care package and see what your loved one may need or appreciate during quarantine. Source all the stuff and pack it elegantly, and don't forget to add a note.

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Quarantining or self-isolation can become very challenging for people, whether they are outgoing or introverted, especially when you have to fight with an illness at the same time. A care package is the best way to keep motivating your loved ones when you cannot be physically there with them.

Sending Covid care packages and isolation gifts shows appreciation and let them know you care about them even if you are not physically present.



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